11 years later … in Pakistan

After 11 years in Pakistan!

Several asked me how it felt to be there after such a long time? I thought to put this blog together to share with everyone!

Since most of you know I am an extremely optimistic and grateful person so this post is not going to be any different!

1- The one thing different in this trip was to Pakistan is that I stayed with my inLaws. Now before the judgements pour in – let me spell this out to you tht they are actually amazing couple and they are the perhaps only one responsible for making this trip amazing! Alhumdulilah!

2- One observation I have made is the spirit of Entrepreneurship in Pakistanis is mind blowing! They are all keen in doing their own thing and doing it extremely creatively as well which creates a tough competition but that doesnot scare them!

3- The city of Karachi where I was and always been to before has definitly changed. I can see foreigners coming and making changes of western world in here in a good way.

4- Men are not all starers. I happen to actually meet a few extremely profressional people in Media and it left me nothing but impressed!

5- No culture can ever beat the food of Pakistan. Spicy for my taste buds but everything served has a special different taste. Couldnt have enough of Chaat, Paan, Gola Ganda and Pani puri!

6- I am still extremely grateful for what actions my parents took several years back to take us to Abu Dhabi and then for my sister to take me with her to Australia. Alhumdulilah – But I have a strong feeling Pakistan is not very behind now!

PS – its really time Pakistanis living abroad become as modern as most of the Pakistanis in Pakistan are!!!