I am not addicted to Alcohol or drugs, I am addicted to escaping reality. ~Unknown

Dear fellow soul-searchers – Good morning

All my life I have suffered from addiction in both good and bad forms. We all can relate to the bad ones of social media or overeating or watching tv or gossiping all through the night. But did you know that some addictions are extremely accepted in society and even considered good like extreme housekeeping, exercising or excessive reading?

Addictions are nothing more than distractions from our feelings. Feelings we find too uncomfortable to feel or busy to face or perhaps afraid of the reaction from around us if we did decide to express. When we tackle beneath our addictions of eating that chocolate or mindless scrolling on social media, we find loneliness, boredom, sadness but instead of facing those emotions knocking on our door, we chose to not let them in thinking them as strangers. They are not, they are your friends who are giving you an insight into your own self.

it is completely possible and know that it’s OK, that you are not even aware of the feelings you are avoiding. This is where something such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help and before you start looking for a counselor/psychologist to help you with it, know that this is something you can simply do it yourself with some focus and a pen and paper to write down your feelings. CBT mainly focuses on ABC standing for Activating Event, Beliefs, and Consciousness. You start with consciousness than to the activating event and then to your belief around it. If in doubt you should reach out to a professional for help.

Here is a handy tool for CBT explaining all aspects of ABC that you can use to analyze your feelings.

So next time you pick up your phone for nothing – ask yourself what emotion are you trying to avoid? Enjoy the rest of your week.

~ Uroos