Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dear Diary

In the last two weeks I have come across a couple of people full of arrogance and greed and it makes me think of what ?
What makes one so arrogant or where does this greed come from ? Has success got to do anything with it ?

In my humble point of view, when you start to believe you are on the top of the world, that is exactly when you start to decline and fall. We become so self obsessed that we dont look around for the competition catching up to us. Sometimes our arrogance becomes someone else’s motivation to do even better.

A ships sails on water but when the same water comes inside the ship – it drowns.


4 Thoughts to “Arrogance & Greed”

  1. Muhammad Irfan

    Being humble and down to earth after achieving all your desires in life, is a blessing from God.

    1. Uroos Raza


  2. Urooj

    Totally agreed ! Well said !

    1. Uroos Raza

      Thank you

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