Body Awareness Mindfulness

Body is such a magical thing we have but we fail to see the value and pay gratitude … lets bring some awareness to our body today with this simple exercise…

For this simple exercise, you can be sitting or lying down with eyes closed.

• The first step to become aware of the body is to enter using the breath. Take a deep breath and notice the sensations within your body. Continue to breathe naturally. Notice how the air feels in your nostrils or mouth, how your chest or belly rises or falls with your breath.
• Tune in to your outer body and notice anything you can feel. Notice the pressure where your body rests against the surface you are sitting or laying on. Notice the texture of the clothing you are wearing, where it is tight and where it is loose.
• Now, bring your attention to your inner body. Pay close attention and you may be able to feel or even hear subtle movement from within the body, such as your digestion, air moving in and out of your lungs, or the pulse of your blood circulating.
• Put your right hand over your chest and feel your heart beating. Now move your hand to your neck and you will feel your heart beating even more noticeably. Notice how the skin on your hand feels the touch of the skin of your neck as well as the sensation of the heart beat. Also notice that the skin on your neck feels the sensation of being touched.
• Return your hand to a resting position. Now, bring your attention to the energy or life force that animates your body. Can you feel a warm or tingling sensation in your hands? Your face? Your chest? Your legs?
• As you rest, gently aware of this powerful energy that you are, express gratitude for your amazing body and the intelligence that animates it. It blesses you with this every moment of every day, for free!
• Take a deep breath and bring your attention back to the room you are in. For a moment, try to hold the awareness of your entire body AND the room around it at the same time. Take one more deep breath and come back to full awareness and open your eyes.