Monday, December 17, 2018
Dear Diary
I was reading today about drama triangle in a book. It intrigued me as we women in a hurry to get stuff done fall into this triangle so easily and so quickly.
In case you haven’t heard of the drama triangle before, it is a situation or a story a person is telling you in which they are Rescuer, Victim and prosecutor at the same time. For example, we complain about kids these days not doing anything at home while we at the same time don’t give kids enough time to do anything on their own because we get impatient of how slow they are doing it. And guess what we also complain we have no time for ourselves as kids keep us busy. Did you see what happened just there? you were the Rescuer, victim and prosecutor in the same story.
Unless you are self-conscious, only an intervention can help one get out of the triangle to be a victor from a victim. People question why bother looking into these things ? my answer is why not ? why wouldn’t you change your life to be happier ? find your authentic self and live the life you have always wanted. But that’s a topic for another blog !