Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dear Diary
As 2018 ends, I looked back and all I found myself doing was looking for happiness and myself. Perhaps when you are at a stage of life where you have accomplished your once thought dreams and find yourself still unsatisfied (not to be confused with being ungrateful), you tend to seek what happened and only to realize you have lived a life of someone else. In our desi settings, it is usually the life of one or both parents and in the event of those who married young their spouses or children.

Upon realization, you have a choice to continue living the way you have or step out to find who you truly are and what will truly give you happiness. You will have to conquer your fears of poverty, criticism, loss of love, health and death and through the process of change de-clutter your life to find your authentic self. The process of change will take you to the choices that will work for you and giving you the happiness and freedom you seek, but that’s a topic for another blog.