Dear Diary
I went to a party a few weeks ago, where I met a girl who was turning 18 and her only dream was to party all her life. And to make her big plan happen she had decided to marry a party organizer, so she can party all her life. All I said to her in response to her big plan that partying all the time would make it very boring.

I noticed two fundamental issues in her plans; one to just marry someone big and live the life and second to run away from who she truly is. Whilst marriage is great, but it’s a huge responsibility and requires deep commitment. Besides I strongly believed girls these days were more into making themselves rather than taking advantage of a man. Guess I was wrong, such people exist in every era.

To all single girls reading this, find yourself and be where you want to be on your own – the right guy will eventually follow. Remember if you did the other way round – you will end making many compromises for your life unless you decide to find yourself and break all the barriers to it but that’s the topic for another blog.