You were not born to face reality but to create reality. ~Abraham Hicks

Dear fellow soul-searchers, Good morning

There are countless stories and quotes floating around about working hard to achieve your dreams. Honestly, that’s how I spend 17 years of my life too, if not all life like most people, working hard. Until now – when I learned about the law of attraction, I stopped working so hard and instead started enjoying my journey trusting Allah SWT / God / Universe / Source Energy to deliver it to me.

To anyone who is unaware of Law of Attraction, it’s extremely simple as like attracts like. If you stay happy – you attract happiness and vice versa when you are upset or sad you attract the same. When you have a desire in your heart, you are that seed that has all it needs to become a strong tree. All it needs is the right environment, create that right environment of growth for yourself. Let go of control and trust the process unfolding in front of you. All you need to do is figure out you’re why to be in alignment with yourself. Anything that you do that feels like love is your alignment.

We are nearing the end of the year and given the resolutions that become a thing – let me take you to instead a Vision Board. Spend time alone to fill your board with all things you desire be it any size big or small – remember Allah can make anything possible. Once you have completed your vision board look at it and feel happy about it in advance and you will see how quickly you will be living it.

PS for Vision board trying actually making a physical one that you can see and feel – trust me that gives more happiness. And happiness should be your goal!

Enjoy the rest of your week.