How can you control talking too much? (Mindfulness and Meditation technique )

The gift of the gap is a wonderful thing to have. There are very rare people who can talk about anything and everything. They love sharing their views and opinions for the benefit of the other. Indirectly they are trying to convince the other person not to take a certain path which they have gone through already. While some do this others talk too much because they feel no one else is going to and they want to fill in the silence.

Either way this innocent habit gets out of control before you know it and you end up in a situation like Tom where you are the only person talking and others are either ignoring you or simply frustrated. Over time you realize what you have done and you become frustrated but not sure how to avoid it.

Just like any habit, talking too much is a habit if once recognized can be brought back in control with a little bit of conscious awareness when you are doing it. Being extremely careful and empathetic to the other person listening, you can be mindful of what you are saying. As I always say it takes 3 weeks or 21 days to form a new habit, similarly if you practice this for that period of time you will have a new habit.

If this is too hard for you, the other thing that you can do is meditate with imagining golden light cleansing and balancing your throat energy center. It may sound probably weird but its really easy to just imagine for a few days golden light over your through energy right here on your throat and before you know it you will have it balanced.

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