Melbourne, Australia

How did I get in Media?

I started blogging in 2015 after 2 years of regular counselling with Rhiannon Jade in my search of my Passion. I found my passion in Public Speaking but due to the limitation of working fulltime I was bound to then doing online blogs. Having gone through the immigration process and then becoming a mother, I realized the pain women go through due to leaving behind family and friends overseas and later loneliness with a baby at home; that then became the subject of my blogs.

‘Diary of Uroos Raza’ came into existence as a blog on my facebook channel, which then I moved to as a TV program on Raasai TV in Pakistan, Uraan TV (Digital) in Australia and now on Free to air Community TV channel C31 for Melbourne and Geelong.


July 2019 – present: Producer & Presenter – In the Spotlight for Free to air Community TV channel C31 across Melbourne and Geelong
Current Affairs program currently in production covering issues surrounding Craigieburn Community
2017 – March 2018: Producer (Various Programs) @ Free to air Community TV channel C31 across Melbourne and Geelong (Finished) and Uraan TV as a Digital Channel 
2019 – DPV Health Heal Champion Video – Presenter & Champion (still in production)
2018 – Diary of Uroos Raza (Presenter for Australian TV channel C31 Melbourne & Geelong)
2017 – Diary of Uroos Raza (Presenter Uraan TV – A Melbourne based Pakistani channel in Australia aired on Jadoo TV.)
2016 – Presenter ‘Diary of Uroos Raza’ on Raasai TV (Pakistan)
2015 – Diary of Uroos Raza Facebook Blogs|
2012 – Part of RMIT National advertisement (
2011 – Lead role for PAAM Pakistan Day Drama (

Uroos Raza Khan