Welcome to my channel where you are free to be yourself. In self-awareness Tuesday we are going to talk about anger management.

I am sure I will get a look if I said being angry is completely normal but it is true, anger is just another emotion like sadness, fear or love. There is nothing wrong with it. Yes ofcoz as I always say too much of anything is bad for you, so is Too much of anger.

To be able to manage anger you need to first understand this emotion. When you get angry, meet the emotion and understand what is happening with in your body?

Just like when you pour more water in a glass that is already filled to the top it will spill, too much bottling up of emotions will lead to outbursts.

It’s a vicious circle where you don’t express or communicate your emotions enough, they end up coming out in anger when you have less control over yourself and then you regret because of the damage they caused, and you go back to bottling up yourself.

Another good example you can relate to is volcano eruption, but you do realize what happens with it – it burns everything down. So just like Lava that has nothing wrong with it but when it pours over stuff it destroys – your anger is the same lava within you that is no harm but it’s the actions you take while you are angry that destroy relationships or break hearts

Instead of bursting out count till 10 and then analyze what is it really that made you upset or angry ? too many times its not even the immediate event that sparked an outburst from you – it is something that has been happening in the background through the day or a day before. And because you don’t know how to express your emotions positively you end up with an outburst.

Anger is a lower energy that you need to let it flow through you without taking any actions. Catch yourself when you clinch your hand or your jaw and let it flow. Perhaps think about something that will divert you from the anger.

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