How we grew as family in this pandemic? (Strength through tough times )

All of us was busy doing our own thing. We didn’t communicate. But when I realized that the COVID-19 situation is going to be there longer than we expected initially. I decided its time we started connecting more because we are spending more time although under the roof but not together with each other. We started getting together at night seriously as if a it’s a board meeting and discussed things.

Family meetings gave both myself and my husband insight into my daughter’s life and vice versa. Majority of the time when my daughter didn’t actually understand what we were talking about she atleast understood that money in the bank did not come for free. Initially the meeting was for raising any concerns or issues with each and sort it out, I later diverted the agenda to gratitude. To the ones who know me you know I am a big one on gratitude. We started talking about the amazing things that happened through out the day and paying gratitude for it.

We started working as a team who looked after one another as well as appreciative of each other. Not long before our boding became stronger and we made family meetings a permanent part of our lives.

It doesn’t mean we don’t watch movies or play games together, its just part of the day towards the end when we get together and share the good things that have happened to us. We also take time to appreciate each other and show gratitude.

Its been 3 months now since March-20 with the COVID-19 situation, but our family has come stronger and I am extremely grateful for the universe for this.

So if you are looking to connect more within your family I highly recommend giving this a go.

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