You love because it’s your nature to love and not because the other person is lovable. ~Abraham/Esther Hicks

Dear fellow soul-searchers – Good morning

Love is an emotion that is familiar to everyone/thing from babies to adults to animals to plants. Yet it is often the most deprived feeling for the majority despite knowing that the person they are with does love them but you just can’t seem to feel it.

Gary Chapman in his book ‘The 5 love languages” defines five broad languages through which humans communicate; acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and physical touch with people usually having more than one but one always being dominant. Just like any other verbal language, not knowing how to speak can leave us misunderstood and not knowing what the other person means, similarly not knowing your own love language and not communicating it to a person you are with leaves us feeling unloved.

The way to find out your love language is to analyze what is it that you either do yourself a lot for others or find yourself asking from the other person. If you find yourself encouraging/appreciating someone then we are looking at words of affirmation or if you are always the one organizing, get-togethers then quality time is your love language. It’s also important to think about the love language your parents spoke to you that made you feel loved or spoke to your mother. The same applies if you wish to find out the love language of the other person, find out what they do themselves most.

This may seem to solve all your love problems – be it anyone from husband, children, friends or even parents, but keep in mind this may not seem to work with toxic/narcissistic personalities who are just focused only on receiving and not giving it back or using it as a means of controlling the other person in which case you love them from a distance and wish them peace.

Want to find out your love language? try this easy quiz and see what you get!

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Uroos