We are so focused on achieving our next goal in life that we forget to appreciate and pay gratitude in the moment ~ Uroos Raza Khan

Dear fellow soul-searchers – Good morning

We make plans for life, we achieve goals, we celebrate and go back into the cycle of chasing happiness. We tend to forget that happiness is not in achieving more but in being content in what we have. It is in by being in the content we get more of what we are appreciative of and paying gratitude.

I recently listened to a podcast on Law of attraction by Abraham/Esther Hicks which laid down three very simple principles – ask, be appreciative/grateful and receive. I decided to give it a test as being grateful is something very highly regarded in Islam too. I was able to attract whatever I was attracting in less than 4 days. But what I also attracted which was not something I was aware of is extreme satisfaction and happiness.

This week we ground ourselves in gratitude deeply. Look around for simple everyday things to be grateful for – a cup of coffee, fresh air, a warm bed, a great night’s sleep, health, your body, your senses, and I can go on with the list. Whatever you are doing see how you can appreciate it!

What will be you grateful for today?

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Uroos