Fear is the brain’s way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome. ~Anonymous

Dear fellow soul-searchers, Good morning

In my first newsletter of releasing fears, we learned to recognize them as our old friends who no longer serves us and letting them go by thanking them to take you where you needed to go and saying them goodbyes.

Sometimes we find letting go of these fears hard and they keep coming back. This then calls for more work on your fears. Wyatt Webb’s book ‘Five Steps for overcoming fear and self-doubt” explains the next steps after recognizing your fears. These are quantifying your fears, imagine the worst-case scenario, gather information and support, confront the perception and dissipate the fear and lastly celebrate.

To put it in simple terms, for example, if you have recognized fear of failure within you, rate your fear from 1-10 where you stand. Once you have quantified it, imagine the worst that can happen with your fear? I have a pretty good feeling one of the worst would be ‘what would people think of me?’ Then face your perception and ask others you trust or seek professional support if they believe in your fear quantification. Work at a deeper level in your childhood to understand where this fear came from and how you may have already overcome the obstacle which started this fear. Lastly, celebrate as you are set free from fear.

In some dysfunctional families, children get the fear passed on to them from their parents. The fear may not even be true to themselves but just like genes, they get it. In the fourth step of recognizing your fear is where you will understand working with your past if the fear came from you or from the grownups around you.

Whatever be the case, fear and self-doubt rob you of the opportunity of living in the NOW and being Happy. You deserve to be happy.

Enjoy the rest of your week.