Putting children on a rat race!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Dear Diary

When my daughter was of the age to start school, I wanted to put her in the best school I could afford. This I did find and she attends one of them.

But what I noticed over there which I had seen all my life my parents make me do was go on a rat race to be always the best in studies, sports and performing arts i.e. in everything. This I did not sign up for with my daughter.

In today’s day and age, when we know people like Bill Gates who becomes the richest guy is not a graduate and founder of things like Facebook was not in best of everything either then why do we insist on putting this pressure on our little children and take away their childhood from them ?

They will become what they are going to become with pressure or without pressure, so let them be kids for today!


2 Thoughts to “Putting children on a rat race!”

  1. Rozy

    I read somewhere recently ….. it’s not the most prestige school that parents send their children matters …. but the kind of person these children become and how they treat others, matters!o totally agree and believe on it !!!!!

    1. I know totally what you mean!

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