It is now scientifically proven that we have an energetic body and that body although has many energy centres but the major 7 as highlighted on the right have a profound effect on our mental, emotional and physical health.

Addictions are usually habits we kind of get stuck with so they can be too much of anything really and doesnot have to be bad ones like screen time or drinking or gambling or drugs they could be good ones like too much exercising, or cleaning or makeup or socializing. So anything in excess is addiction.


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Addiction is caused by an imbalance of Sacral energy centre related to pleasure. Due to our perception of lack of pleasure outside we get stuck to a thing or action because it is giving us pleasure.

In my program I explain further in detail how all of this works and then teach tools to overcome these. It also includes my signature healing therapy.

Duration: 4 weeks (Sessions 3 hours / week )