In case you are wondering this is going to be a full diet and exercise program, then I want you to read on and contact me if this doesnot make sense.

In 2021, I finally got tired of trying different diets and exercises to loose weight or get fit when I stumbled across the work of Louise Hay. Now this is obvoiusly not the first time I have heard of her but I never researched her work in depth.Little did I know I was opening up to the teachings which is going to change the way I look at my body.

Louise Hay teaches that our body is the way it is (ahum big or overweight) because it assumed that you needed protection from whatever was going on in your life. So the fat you see is really like a boxer wears gloves and helmet to protect his hands and head. This shocked me and led me into finding out my own issues (severallll) and i worked on them with not just affirmations but meditations, yoga, mindfulness, EFT, crystals and finally the exercise which was just cherry on top.

The most important discovery was food is energy and behaves how we percieve it.

If you are tired of all the diets and exercises and want an effective way to loose the weight which is nothing more than th emotional baggage you are carrying – book now.




4 weeks

AUD 2,000.00