Unstuck with Uroos Raza Khan

I help people get unstuck and find their passion by showing who they truly are. There are times in our lives when we don’t need any advice or suggestion or comfort but just someone to just listen to what we have to say so we can find our own guidance. At Unstuck that’s exactly what I do.

My program is designed to

  • * Reduce stress,
  • * Develop positive habits,
  • * Change mindsets from lack to abundance,
  • * Address emotional triggers
  • * Help live more in the present moment and
  • * Learn exactly
    1- Who you are and
    2- Values,
    3- Purpose,
    4- Vision and
    5- Goals.

The program also includes, if interested:

  • * Easy-to-follow diet that can help them cleanse their body while they cleanse their mind – helping them to lose weight.
  • * Yoga exercises to relax tense muscles

In this program, students learn
1- Different types of meditations,
2- Mindfulness activities daily,
3- Gratitude Journaling,
4- Self-Awareness Journaling
5- Emotional Intelligence
6- NLP Identity
7- Setting up Meditation and Mindfulness daily routines

How about we book a 45min discovery call online to see if this program can help you on your journey.

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