What you seek is seeking you! ~Rumi

Dear Diary

I am quite aware of the fact that seeing the title you will know already how I have been obsessed about it.

There are reasons why I am so obsessed about it as it brings relief to the one who is looking desperately for something. In my case, though I am not looking desperately, yet it relieves me to know that what I want is something that is looking for me as well.

In the past I had become desperate, worked hard and tried to figure out best to get what I am seeking and what is seeking me to meet and greet so we both can be happy, but recently thanks to the several podcasts from Esther/Abraham Hicks I have been converted to relying on the universe aka my Allah to figure this out for me and give me an impulse to act.

This is different contradicting to the way i have operated all my life but trust me it brings me much joy, relief and best of all ability to live in the now!!

Besides we all know, what is mine cannot be taken away from me and what is not mine cannot be given to me by none other than Allah.