Thursday, December 20, 2018
Dear Diary
How many times I have heard the statement of ‘I do so much for xyz and don’t get back anything in return’. I was in the same boat until a few years ago when a good friend thought me how to do anything for anyone for not them but for Allah. This was a relief and I still do when I can.
However, when I read about the fear of loss of love, it all made sense why did I or so many other people do the same mistake over and over again. They try to be someone they are not, they are possessive, jealous, cling, spending too much time, money and energy to get the attention and love of the other person. All this for what, did you ever think about it ? its coming from the fear of loss of love they are getting from the other person. We assume that our happiness depends on someone loving us and staying with us. We do everything to not loose that ongoing supply of love and company. Our happiness doesnot depend on anyone or any situation or any achievement it depends on us and within us.
Happiness is a state of mind and is independent of money people or possession or situations. And guess what it’s a choice. Everyone always has a choice of everything; but that’s a topic for another blog.