[fusion_text]Friday, December 14, 2018

“Your body can be either your best friend or your worst enemy” ~ Momal Asif

Dear Diary

Several people ask me these days where I have been and wow why do I look so great. Since I like to motivate people I usually tell them how I did it. Then I realized I should blog this so others can learn how anyone can do it if they set their heart to it.

Late in 2017, following severe pelvic pain, doctors asked me to do a scan which came back with adhesions on my left ovary and cyst on my right ovary. The gynecologist at the Northern Hospital suspected I had endometrioses and sent me for a blood test to check for cancer in my right ovary. I was offered the solution to go on a contraception pill just like anyone who gets diagnosed with Endometriosis. This I refused without a second opinion as we all know how our public hospitals can be and asked to give me three months and if nothing worked I will do it. I did ask for pain killers as I could barely walk because of the pain.

Being a research savvy person, I spent the entire December 2017 researching about this so called disease and reading blogs upon blogs to find out more about it and what works. I spoke to several people about it to learn how it impacts life and what can be done about it. I also joined several groups on Facebook to learn about my options. This is where I came across Endo – Diet which was really a gluten/diary/soy/caffeine free diet. This wasn’t hard for me as I had done it before, so I started out on it. The diet also includes 30 min of exercise daily. I started walking for a start followed by a light strength training workout.

What I hadn’t done before was going caffeine free, this was hard living in Melbourne and having coffee since the age of 19. In my first few days of quitting coffee, I literary slept 12 hours and it felt as if I haven’t slept in ages. The second week I felt as if I have broken up with a long lost boyfriend and I had a missing feeling. The third week was the week of nightmares of me falling and then what do you know I was actually fine!

Gluten free wasn’t as hard as caffeine but unfortunately so many products labelled as gluten free these days are full of sugar. Despite my 10k steps and light workout my weight kept going up till I was 70kg. I was devastated and went back to my trainer who set my program who then informed me about the sugars in these gluten free food. Obviously my next step was to quit them and eat as natural as possible.

By March 2018, I had gone through several days of pelvic pain and taking Panadine. I had spent nights throwing up because of the pain and spending evenings in bed ridden after work. However, it took time and slowly the elimination process started working and I started being able to reduce the pain killers. End of March 2018 when I was due for another scan, I was pain free and actually started loosing weight too. My scan came out perfectly fine with no adhesions and cyst, for me it seemed like a miracle while the doctor said I may just have IBS. I was overjoyed to the point I cried of how Allah has blessed me health once again.

It was not all physical look after, I also cut out all the people in my life literary which is why I disappeared. I needed looking after me and last thing I needed was what people are talking about me, which by the way still doesn’t bother me. And that is a story for next blog!

Often, we women, in fulfilling all our responsibilities of a daughter, wife, mother, sister etc forget ourselves. We don’t realize we cant fill from an empty cup and hence need to prioritize ourselves a little above than everyone, Only then we can look after everyone and everything. Our bodies are very resilient and we can bounce back at whatever age by looking after it. And why wouldn’t you? Our bodies are the only one who are with us when everyone leaves and besides our religion also says that we are answerable to Allah of how we treated our body!!

Here’s to health!

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